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Thread: a cure ?when and by who?

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    As I get closer to the 5th anniversary of my accident and the first times I heard "there will be a cure in 5 years" I reflect upon what I have seen, researchers desperate to get the slightest improvement just to try and keep their funding going and themselves continuing on with whatever theory they've come up with. Companies desperate to have something positive to boost their stock and attract investment, charlatans pedalling "cures" in various countries with dubious regulations trying to take the savings of those desperate for a cure. The most common theme is "recovery" seems to be on those less than a year into injury and usually paras. A negative perspective maybe but all I see is a drive to get funds however long the research takes and irrespective of the potential benefits. Throw in that whatever new cure there was is superseded by the next big thing and it is difficult to see any realistic chance of any hope especially for high level quads like myself where just to be able to use my hands/arms a tiny bit would be a major advancement.

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    You are right. After 6 years asa quad learning to use what I have is the goal.

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    I am a complete injury C3 four 21 years. You want to ask questions just send me a message, willing to help.

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