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    urine bags

    other than bleach or vinegar to clean urine bags? rehab taught us to clean 'em w/vinegar but the bags were still pissy-looking; so several years ago i switched to bleach. the bags are clean butt i have white dots on all my clothing and we just ruined some expensive satin-like sheets.

    is there any solution that cleans as well as bleach butt won't ruin any fabric it comes in contact w/?
    thanks in advance for any advice!

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    You REALLY Need to rinse the bags good with water . It sounds like they are not getting rinsed good and if some bleach is left in the tubing you can get burned by the bleach.
    I have used bleach for years and never got a spot of bleaching on clothes or sheets.
    Be very careful because any bleach left in the tubing can be dangerous draining back into your catheter and getting bleach burns.

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    A good leg or bed bag will have a valve that prevents urine or cleaning solution from running back up the tubing to your bladder.

    Bleach in a 10% solution is the recommended cleaning solution for the best disinfection. This is based on a number of research studies. Vinegar allows pseudomonas to grow.

    We use bleach where I work. We use a funnel made from a 60 cc. catheter-tipped syringe and a short length of tubing to fill the bags with water, rinse well for 10 seconds 2X, then with bleach, slosh for 30 seconds, and drain. We do not rinse (it is not recommended). We don't do this at the bedside...we do it in the bathroom. We have disposable plastic aprons for the staff to use to protect their clothing if needed. You could get a plastic apron for yourself or your PCA as well. We keep the bag (with the drainage value open) wrapped in a towel, in a basin until next needed. Virtually all of the bleach will have evaporated within 6-8 hours, which is the soonest you would be using it again in most cases.


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    thanks ppl. i did buy this stuff called urol-care that someone rec'd but i don't think i'll be buying it again 'cause was 40.(w/delivery) at amazon. anyway, sounds like KLD's saying bleach is better at killing the bad stuff. our mistake is that we leave the bleach & water in the bags until we need them; from now on we'll rinse, add the bleach & water, slosh it around, drain the bag and let it hang all day or overnight.
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