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Thread: Best Remedy for UTI's

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    Best Remedy for UTI's

    I am sure this has been posted numerous times.

    I would really like to know what everyone has found for their best remedy for UTI's.

    I have swam around and tried different things and am more than sanitary. I increased my cathing to 4x a day now. I drink boatloads of water...all I drink. I have also heard it's the nature of the beast....but I refuse to continue on w/ a once a month syndrome. Seems like everything else is fine other than this. When I have asked my urologist this is what is response is .

    I am a T6/7 ASIA A and almost 2 years post.


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    I don't know, but I would like to know. I drink 3 litre of water everyday, eat c-vit, can't eat cranbarry or Hipprex. I shower every time I have done my things in the toilet and still I have had 12 utis since New Year. I don't even cath and I don't have rest urine.

    I have been like that for 23 years now, but it has gotten worse lately. The only answer the doctor gives is that some girls are like that and give me antibiotics.
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    My urologist wants me to cath every 4 hours, 6 at night. (I had been going 6 during the day, 8 at night). Its a pain in the neck but when I do, I don't seem to have any problems. As soon as I get overconfident and lazy, and the time between the intervals starts creeepppppinnnng up, and BAM, I get an UTI. My big issue is always being able to find an accessible place to cath every 4 hours.
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    I did try to cath like that for a year, but it didn't help me. I got the utis anyway. I am going to a urologist on thursday, I have been on the waiting list for 8 month so I hope I can get some answers then. I was to a SCI urologist in April, he wanted me to wait until Christmas.

    If he tells me anything really clever, I tell you in here.
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    cranberry extract pills(2 2x/day), garlic pills(1 2x/day), Vitamin C(1000mg 2x/day)

    works for me to clear up when one is creeping up on me and to keep them at bay when I'm in situations to make myself subject to them(camping, travel, etc)...
    L-1 inc 11/24/03

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    I usually have the same problem right before 'that time of the month'. If you find that you're similar, it clears right up for me when I start menstruating. Clear as a bell and all is right with the world again, lol.

    Men in medicine and male dominated CEO's of drug companies don't seem to give a damn about the paralyzed, especially women and their health ... so until women take over the world, we just have to deal with it.

    Ooooh that was bitter ... must be PMS'ing. Sorry. heh
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    Some important points that will reduce your risks for UTI:

    Cath every 4 hours during the day. The longer urine sits in your urine, the more the bacterial counts grow. You can go every 6 hours at night if you manage your fluids well.

    Never let your cath volumes exceed 425 cc.

    Clean and dry your catheters for 24 hours prior to reuse.

    Get urodynamics every 1-2 years (more often if you are having problems). Treat high pressures with medications as prescribed.

    Include in your annual check-up tests to screen for stones, abscesses, and other problems in your urinary tract. Include renal function studies too.

    Get a urologist who really knows neurologic urology.


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    I use a brand new Intermittent Cath everytime I cath.


    I have tried all that cranberry garbage it seems like a myth to me.

    I think I remember Cripply having a remedy...can you repost cripply if your reading this.

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    I'm a quad and I use the shotgun approach.For my bladder I take:

    Vitamin C probably 2.5 gram per day
    K&B formula (K&B stands for kidney & bladder)
    Cranberry capsules, take the recommended amount on the bottle. Same with K&B

    Then I have my "break glass in case of fire" Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) formula that my acupuncturist prescribes. Any TCM practitioner can help you.

    Finally and most controversially, I use colloidal silver in my water...

    Read in a really fast voice: "The opinions expressed in this post, are the opinions of the poster and not represent the management of this web site, its doctors, or its nurses. The poster attended the school of hard knocks and has no diploma to speak of."

    ... Keeping the immune system healthy is important I find. So I take garlic pills daily. I eat lots of yoghurt with live culture that I make myself. No alcohol. Lots of water as mentioned above. And I have an electrically legbag drainer on my chair, so I can drink lots without fear of a full legbag. Mine is from:

    Sounds like a lot but I've gone from 14 bladder infections a year requiring antibiotics to 2 since Sep 24/2003.

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