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Thread: Portable Applications

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    Portable Applications

    As anyone else messed around with the FREE PortableApps for Windows?
    Thumb drives are pretty cheap these days and I really like Firefox Portable. If you needed to use someone else's computer, you have your own custom browser without leaving any information on that computer.

    Applications I keep on mine include:
    7- Zip Portable
    Firefox Portable
    VLC Media Player Portable
    Sumatra PDF Portable Portable
    AI RoboForm2Go (not free, but very nice)

    With some of the above applications you can open and view a lot of files without having to have anything installed on the host computer.

    One of the Firefox extensions I have installed on all browsers is Foxmarks to keep my bookmarks up-to-date between browsers.

    It seems like a really nice way to carry information with you and have some of the tools you may need right there as well.
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    A screenshot of the menu.

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