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Thread: Who Knows What's Happened to Ami....

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    Who Knows What's Happened to Ami....

    ...or zillazangle.

    She hasn't posted in over two months.
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    I thought she said she was leaving after the kkmay/donz thread fighting fiasco? Not sure. I was thinking about her the other day also. I hope she, Chad and Small Boy are all okay.

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    Me too.
    I've wondered about her a couple of times recently. I really enjoyed reading her posts and miss seeing her on the boards. She was rarely shy about what she said and I found her different perspective refreshing. I hope all is well with her, Chad and Small Boy.
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    Ami appears to have left CareCure for the time being ... however she now moderates her own Caregivers message board called SCI for Dummies .. this is the link if you want to go over and say hello: !

    Not meaning to rehash anything but I too believe it is a result of the fall out from the Kkmay/Donz response to Taj's thread ... however because of all that bruhaha the second and more private Caregiver's Forum (in members) was born for those discussions of a more personal nature and only to be shared with other carer's .. a painful but necessary process I'm afraid .... we learned alot .. I hope that in time she'll be back 'cause I really miss her presence on our boards too !!

    While we're talking ..... I've noticed over the years that every now and then the members of Caregiving go on a brief hiatus ... and then all of a sudden holy cow the sh** hits the fan and everyone is posting again ..... just a personal observation!
    As well there's lots of reading to do in this forum so I'm guessing/hoping that people reading old threads find what they're looking for without having to ask their question or share their feelings .... and that's a good thing ... I think .... stay strong everyone .... and be well!

    P.S. We'll be done moving in a couple of weeks ... and then ... boy oh boy ... do I have a story to tell you .... stay tuned .....
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    I hope she's doing well and comes back soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Le Type Français
    I hope she's doing well and comes back soon.
    It wasn't just Ami that left. We had a mass exodus of caregivers after that thread.

    The decisions that were made by Wise because of that discussion gone bad ~ were in my opinion much-adu-about-nothing ~ overkill big time. The private caregivers forum doesn't serve much purpose when nobody is around to use it.

    The creation of that forum, and implied separation of caregivers seems to have been the icing on the cake. People get over hurt feelings and being insulted ~ I'm not sure if what resulted will be forgotten soon.

    Sorry, now I'm rehashing. I miss them all.


    P.S. Obie, I can hardly wait to hear your story. I hope things are going as smoothly as possible for you and Bill.

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    I also think it was a brouhaha over nothing. People shared different opinions and some were sharp. Censorship over discussing sensitive issues is pointless.

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    Thanks all, I miss Ami much. She made free with telling me off whenever she thought it was called for.
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    Its ok Jukey I will tell you off in her place. Hee hee...Mary

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    juke if i wont post for a while will you miss me?hehe
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