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Thread: Another question

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    Another question

    This is a dumb question, but is it possible to die withdrawing from Duragesic (100 mcg/hr)? Thanks.


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    pain sucks i know ....sometimes i feel like to hit my head to a strong and never give up.regarding your question i hope that the sci nurse or dr.wise will give you an answer and advice ,so you will know what to do .
    my best wishes and one more time....never give up sweety.take care.
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    I do know you are supposed to ramp it down, and not stop suddenly.
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    You don't die but it is uncomfertable the days you are doing it. Reduce slowly, you dont need to take it cold turkey.
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    Are you transitioning to another pain med? As I recall, when my wife stopped fentanyl, she had minimal withdrawal symptoms during the transition to the replacement - moderate discomfort for a few days. Withdrawal would probably be more severe if there were no replacement (my guess).
    - Richard

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    Hey, thanks No, I'm not transferring medications. I am just tired of having to see a Dr every month - it can't be called in. I tried again this weekend, but couldn't bear the side effects; I was worried I might die.

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    Michaela, I heard you should'nt stop taking any Rx medications without consulting your physician first. Tried once with my blood pressure meds, was niot a good idea!

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    Your Doctor can prescribe a series of patches to get you off of the Duragesic Patch slowly. It also comes in 75, 50, 25 and 12 mcg/hr. You can be switched to a lower dosage on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Also, the patches can be combined (12 plus one of the others) so that you are switched to 87, 75, 62, 50, 37, 25, and then 12 every week or two weeks. You should be able to fill the 12 plus another prescription at the same time and your Doctor should be able to write them up ahead, but your pharmacy might not be able to fill them (talk to your pharmacist).
    I hope this helps,

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