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Thread: Hurtful.

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    What is the most hurtful thing that happened to you or you're afraid will happen to you?

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    It already happened getting my SCI.
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    i'm living my most hurtful thing right now.. and i'm afraid that i will live like that FOREVER

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    SCI and aging. After walking around for 30 years I lost my ability to walk again and nobody really believes me, not even the health personale. And ABs think I am lazy, I have been walking so long so they don't understand that I can't anymore and they are suspicious and treat me like that.
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    Being perma-hurt, could it get any worse?


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    The most hurtful thing was my daughters accident, what I am afraid to happen, losing one of my kids.

    Stay safe my son. See you around thanksgiving!

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    Wthout a doubt the most hurtful thing is my injury.

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    Hmm ... paralysis at 12 was bad but kids are resiliant.

    The worst thing was a phone call from David after 5 years that it was over. Then I saw him spiral into addiction and go through his savings and inheritance in one year. He was with another alcoholic but wouldn't leave me to my life. It's a tie between that and my mother dying when I was 23yrs old.
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    My wife taking my 3 daughters away when I broke my neck...the combination was the worst I ever hurt.

    Most afraid of something bad happening to my daughters.

    Funny, to me, if it weren't for this, my SCI seems simple and easy, hard as it is being C5/6 complete.

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    That's tough quadvet.

    For me it was right after breaking my neck followed by learning all of the wonderful issues associated with SCI.

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