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Thread: a question about an MRI

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    a question about an MRI

    Jesse had an MRI and our family doctor read the report but I have a question or two that he didnt answer, or else I wasnt satisfied. "At c7 is notable myelomalacia of the cord." and "C3-4: moderate right uncovertebral joint and posterior artricular facet degenerative changes results in mild right and no left foraminal narrowing. Minimal right osteophytosis effaces the ventral thecal sac, but does not result in central canal narrowing." Pretty much the same report for C4-5 and with C3-4. "C5-6: there is mild disc osteophyte complex that effaces the ventral thecal sac, but does not result in significant central canal or foraminal narrowing.", and one more which is really the one I had the biggest question about. I hadnt planned on typing the entire report here tonight. Sorry! But anyway in the conclusion he says "mild spondylotic and discogenic degenerative changes that are slightly eccentric to the right resulting in mild to moderate right foraminal narrowing" Does this sound like a decent report?

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    SydneyJo - will respond in morning. CRF

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    SydneyJo - The description that you have included in your post is the common language that would be seen on a report for a diagnostic test such as a MRI. I am not in a position to comment on whether this report is "a decent report". I am not clear, from your post, the actual question that you have.

    If the doctor did not provide adequate explanation or answer your questions following the MRI, I would suggest that you make a list of all your concerns and questions. Take these with you and ask the doctor for a consultation to help you better understand what this report means, how it relates to Jesse's symptoms and what the recommended treatment is, based on this report. You may have other questions that I have not discerned from your post. CRF

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