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    IM program

    Does anyone know of any downloads that would allow me to receive IMs from multiple sites like AIM, MSN, Yahoo, etc.? In order to be able to add recipients, would I need to have an IM account of my own with each provider? I know of Trillian but it seems to require me to have an AIM account, for example, if I want to add someone to my address book who has an AIM IM.

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    I am pretty sure that they will all need that, because each site is it's own system.

    To talk to Yahoo users, you will need a yahoo account. MSN - MSN account, etc etc.

    All of them use captchas to eliminate automated account creation, so there is no other way to do it.

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    Of coarse you'd need an account. The way IM messaging works is you connect to the MSN server, and so does everyone else. When someone msgs you, it goes to the msn server, then to you. You never directly connect to the other person. It's a great security thing, as your IP is never visable.

    So to finish, you need to log into the IM server, so you need an account.

    Gaim is another multi messanger.

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    two more multi-server programs are Fire and Adium....Adium is only available for Mac users however....

    If you go to TuCows and search for any of these you'll be able to download any of the ones you would want....
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