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Thread: Rectal Stimulation

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    Rectal Stimulation

    I'm post 5 yrs and complete. So I have no feeling in my rectum and can very seldom tell if I am going to have a bowel movement beyond my program.
    I put my Magic bullet up to the second sphincter and stem some times I have to gig.
    I worry how long my rectum will take all this before it wears out. Can anyone shed some light on this subject?


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    maryonwheels - will respond in the morning. CRF

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    maryonwheels - There are several components to a bowel program. These include your diet, your technique with the actual bowel evacuation, the use of medication both as a stool softener and as a stimulant during the program. Did you go through a training program to establish this program? If you have, and are following that program, you should be able to continue this over time. It is important that you use digital stimulation to help activate the peristalsis which in turn helps propel the stool/feces down the intestinal tract. Digital stimulation should be a gentle, circular motion as the rectal tissues are fragile. If done correctly and the stool is kept softly formed, this should help reduce the problem of hemorrhoids.

    For more information on bowel programs:
    1) University of Alabama: UAB- bowel management

    2) Paralyzed Veterans Association: Consumer Guidelines - bowel CRF

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