Hi All,
Thanks to all who replied to my post re TDX SE vs. Q600. After reading some posts here and other online info I'm not so sure a MWD chair is the right choice for me. I do a lot of outdoor riding and a lot of that is in NYC where there are many sidewalks w/out curb cuts. I can go off them pretty handily w/my Storm Arrow. From what I've read, MWD chairs might get hung up in this situation?

There’s a very steep hill near my home that I go up & down often. Not sure of the grade but its probably max. My Storm has no problem w/the hill but I do get nervous going up when the casters begin to shimmy because they're barely touching the pavement ;-) From what I've read MWD's might have a problem on a hill this steep? How would it be going down this hill in an MWD? It seems the chair would be tilted so far forward I'd hardly be able to operate it?

The reason I was considering MWD was for the tight turning radius and I'm assuming MWDs are shorter in overall length than RWDs w/similar seating systems? When I 1st got my Storm I couldn’t get into the drivers side of my van as the chair was too long. It’s got Invacare tilt/recline seating. I had to ask my vendor to move the seat back, which helped a lot, but of course now the chair is wheelie prone. I've gotten used to it but it can get nerve racking sometimes and that’s another reason for my wanting an MWD. I'm going to demo a TDX soon but would like to hear from others their experiences w/MWDs.

Also, for those that have tried both types of chair, which would you prefer for outdoor use?