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Thread: Emerging Technologies: Robotic Exoskeletons

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    Emerging Technologies: Robotic Exoskeletons

    "Recently, the Shepherd Center Reeve Foundation NeuroRecovery Network (NRN) facility announced that it had launched the final stage of a clinical trial for a robotics-assisted walking device. Called Indego, the exoskeleton device is a powered orthosis worn around the waist and legs"....

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    Thanks but not 'cure' related... you should post this in the 'equipment' forum...

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    This study will evaluate the Indego device for safety and effectiveness at allowing persons with SCI who are non-ambulatory or poorly ambulatory to stand up and walk under a variety of conditions. To demonstrate that the average walking speed for persons with spinal cord injury using the Indego device with stability aid will be equal to or greater than 0.31 m/s for indoor surfaces. To demonstrate that the Indego device is both safe and effective at allowing persons with SCI who are non-ambulatory or poorly ambulatory to stand up and walk under a variety of conditions; indoor surfaces, outdoor surfaces, elevators, managing doorways, different seat heights and extended distances.
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    [TD]Official Title:
    [TD]Indego Exoskeleton; Assessing Mobility for Persons With Spinal Cord Injury (SCI).

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    IMO, The Newest Exoskeleton INDEGO coming closer to the concept of mobility device that people with Spinal Cord Injury can use in everyday life! Looks better than most of other Exo’s so far.

    Some things could be even better – for example I think that one of future models of Indego Exoskeleton should be rehab oriented with possible merging FES (external low electric stim on patient muscles) to induce active but with machine balanced controlled stepping.
    It is known fact that FES can help in Rehab (Parastep or similar) and with Exoskeleton equipped with FES training of person to regain ability to walk again would be much more efficient than with other similar systems.
    If , now older, Rehab devices as Locomat can have sensors to recognize patient’s input and adjust power in controlled and balanced stepping, I don’t think should be any trouble for makers of Indego to create such a FES equipped machine.

    In discussion on this panel (1h 12 min mark) Dr. Wise Young and Dr. Roderic Pettigrew are talking about electric stimulation & walking training as possible way of
    re-training SCI person.

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