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Thread: Foot, Ankle Braces

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    Foot, Ankle Braces

    My daughter is incomplete t12. She has regained 100% in right leg and now has hamstring and quad action in left leg. She is currently in Philadelphia for therapy.

    My question is. Has anyone heard of a bionic brace for ankle and foot. She walks now with two hand crutches and no brace. She is looking to get a brace for ankle and foot to help hold the foot stable and keep it from flipping over. hopefully to walk without crutches.

    Any info would be appreciated.

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    I do not have bionic ones...but I do have AFOs...which are higher than what you are probably looking for...why the need for bionic braces?
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    Do you mean a "dynamic" brace? I use a Richie Brace with dynamic assist. The dynamic assist helps to pick up the toe as you step through.

    I began walking without any bracing but I wasn't distributing my weight properly and had problems with my heels...I haven't had any problems due to walking since I got my braces.

    The link I gave you is the exact brace I have, here is the Richie Brace homesite.
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    TruLife Matrix AFOs

    I recently got new braces through the VA. These are 'off the shelf' but still expensive. The place I got them from said they cost $2,500. The thing I like about them is the carbon piece comes around the side of the foot over the tongue of my shoe. My foot/ankle used to rub on the ones that were more fitted to the foot and came up on the side of my legs.

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    I wear "toe off" braces ( on my right leg. It makes walking a lot easier. It is supposed to hold your ankle and foot firm when you step on it and the spring action will help you step foward easier. I bought mine for around $1000. When I dont wear it, I can only walk for around 20-30 minutes with forearm crutches and my knee will start to get really fatigue but I can go for 1-2 hours non stop if I wear it. It makes a huge different. Definitely worth it.

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