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Thread: nads falling between my legs

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    nads falling between my legs

    When I first get into my chair in the morning my twig and berries sit nicely on top of my legs where I can see them. But I have thin lanky legs, so when I lift up to do a weight shift, which is about once every 15 minutes, my legs spread out enough so that my wedding tackle falls down between them. When I look to see where everything is I can barely See nothing and I can't tell if I'm a boy or girl. Even my Johnson gets tucked down there. It's very hard to reach down there and bring it all back up, and even if I do it all falls back down after a weight shift anyway. It doesn't bother me a whole lot, I just wonder sometimes if it's not good for my nads. Probably doesn't help that I don't have the biggest twig and berries in the world. I found that wearing boxers or some type of underwear helps preventing everything from falling through, but I prefer to free ball.

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    don't leave 'em down there! the package needs to be handled w/ care!

    but seriously, sitting on the junk can cause big problems, so be careful...
    i check mine every time.

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    i have the same problem! i love my balls too !

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    very creative in writing... be careful with the family jewels...

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    I put my sliding board across my knees and rest them on that. ;-)

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    put a small rubber band around the base of your more problem in 12-14 days.......or wear a jock strap like i do....

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    Not a guy, but can't you lean to one side and get them out? lol
    T-5 incomplete

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaeRae
    Not a guy, but can't you lean to one side and get them out? lol

    That was one of the funniest things I've read on here in ages. I nearly choked on my drink! Not laughing at the problem which sounds like it hurts like a mo fo, just the way you said it.....Pam

    Ps- My middle name is Rae.

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