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Thread: How long do you stay in one position at night?

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    How long do you stay in one position at night?

    My mattress is foam with a gel overlay. I currently stay in one position for seven hours at a time. I would love to do more. I know it depends on my own skin. I'm just curious

    Brian C/5

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    I wake up and turn every 2 to 4 hours. I just get uncomfortable. I also take 3am meds and might as well turn over then, since I'm already awake. I don't sleep very well.

    To add to this, what is your most comfy sleeping possition? I prefer to sleep on my side with a pillow between my knees. I then flop to my belly or my back when that fails.

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    I'm currently on a low air loss mattress, sleep the night on my back. Would like to roll to side now and then, but I keep my feet propped on pillows for heel relief and can't get them repositioned well. How do y'all keep your heels safe?


    "Rather be ridin' than rollin'"

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    I also sleep on my side most of the night. pillow between my knees, under my back, and under my feet to keep heels off bed.

    Brian C/5

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    your mattress sounds really comfortable. could you describe it in greater detail and where you bought it?

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    This is a good topic for discussion.
    Gel mattresses and/or gel overlays are very popular and are good for at those at riskfor developing pressure ulcers. There are numerous ones on the market and are quite affordable. Synergy gel mattress overlay is one.


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    i was taught while in the hospital to turn every 2hrs and have remained loyal to that lesson. i just have a regular mattress but i'd love to get a memory foam pad or something similar

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    I have pretty good skin on the ol back side I lay on my back up to 10 hours on any given night. Some nights I will start out on my side then end up on my back. Im two years post and t-11...

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    i have always slept on my right side, i move around alot though. i use a normal matress.

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    The rehabilitation nurses also started me off on two-hour intervals. Increasing the amount of time would depend on my skin. Convincing my parents to leave me longer than seven hours has been tough. I figured this gel overlay would do the trick. Insurance paid for it, I cannot remember the price or the name. There's only one downside to this gel overlay. Moving around has become more difficult. You kind of sink into the gel. My caregivers have a more difficult time sliding me from side to side.

    10 hours. Now that sounds like a good night's sleep.

    Brian C/5

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