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    odd question

    ok, so I had a pelvic ultrasound today. The US tech asked me if I worry that my bladder may burst because it's so full all the time.

    I didn't even realize that could happen. Can it?

    thanks again, sorry for all the stupid questions, i just DON'T know anything


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    Hi BBS,

    I don't have an answer but I'd like to know too. I can't void a drop without catheterizing so if I ever fall unconscious for whatever reason my bladder won't empty. I imagine it would be rough on the kidneys and perhaps damage them until renal failure causes death. Or perhaps my bladder will "explode" first and I'll bleed to death.

    Hopefully the Nurse knows something about this.

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    It must have been too ul i.e more than 4ooccs.I doubt it would burst because first it would try and ind another outlet- eak thorugh the urethra or back up into the kidneys. Backing up into the kidneys could cause hidronephroiss, then a kidney infection and possible damage to the cells in the kidney. If it was enough damage you would irst have renal insuiciency then i it continued, you would have renal failure and you wouldn't make any urine so no more eurine in the bladder and you would need diaysis or if the infection was bad enough you would get septic.

    SO....Do NOT let your bladder hold more than 400cc-500 ccs and make sure you are emptying when you cath. Get urodynamics testing done periodicaly to make sure your pressures are not too high.


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    Thanks for the response, and yes it has been very full lately at my appts. I was cathed and they were: 976cc, 1L and 500cc. Although, the 500 doesn't seem to much.



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    don't you limit your fluid intake when you go places?

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    Well, I had to drink for the stupid ultrasound and my bladder is huge. the other time i went to the doctors, I couldn't get my stupid catheter to work.Therefore, I had no advance notice that i was going to have difficulties.
    I can't limit my fluid intake, my colon is a disaster as it is. Actually, I was told to drink more! It's just that I have major spasms and pain.


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