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Thread: Buying a dedicated chair for the RT300 FES bike

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    Buying a dedicated chair for the RT300 FES bike

    I just purchased the RT300 and I love it. I think my legs are already bigger after two uses. I think I want to buy a dedicated chair to transfer into when I use it. The reason is that I have a Roho cushion and my chair has a good deal of dump. I think you would want something with armrests to keep you in it and ease the transfer. Has anyone purchased something like this? A shower chair might be something to take a look at.

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    How much did the RT300 run you and was it easy to get?

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    I'm thinking of buying the RT300 as well and was wondering if sitting in your chair became uncomfortable, do your legs chaff or rube on the front end of your cushion? I dont know, a shower chair might work, I'm in mine at least 1 hr/day but I think I'm conditioned to go to the bathroom in it, would'nt want any accidents, maybe a regular dinner chair with a good cushion or the couch? Saw some cool chairs at Brookstone recently but mucho $$.
    Did you get the pulse/ox monitor or hand cycle with it?

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    Steep... 15K but its really easy to get... they ship it out to you and then fly a therapist out to install it for you.

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