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Thread: Anybody aware of cushions made for your back?

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    Anybody aware of cushions made for your back?

    or even one cushion that could accommodate seat and back? Better yet, a system that uses pressure mapping to maximize comfort?

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    My wife's chair has a Roho back cushion
    - Richard

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    as DORF said, try the roho back..i use one when my back protests my normal sling back...they make a diff GOLDNUTS and might alieve some back pain, does for me....

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    the roho jetstream /adi carbon fiber backs are padded well & worth a look.

    also look at lumbar support cushions. I have a few, one of which is made w/ the same stuff as the stimulite cushions.

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    I also agree with the recommendations for the Roho Jetstream back...I have the low one...I prefer the standard hardware to the adjustable hardware...had much issues w/the adjustable hardware and being able to get my back in the right spot on my back posts b/c of the ridgidizer bar...
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    I just got a new Quickie Ti and had a new Motion Concepts POSTURE MatrX Back system installed. This is the first time I have used anything other than the usual Quickie cloth back and I find the back support realy nice compared to almost no back supporet for the last 18+ years ... which was always my choice. Maybe I am just getting older?


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