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Thread: problem with joystick-controller assembly!

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    problem with joystick-controller assembly!

    I have a Quickie V-121 which has been giving me trouble. The "battery strength bars" flash and then I have no power. Doesn't matter if it's fully charged or not. Happens over and over. Doesn't usually happen as long as I have some forward "push" or power to it. Took it to a small, new shop here who "read" the code in the controller, called Quickie who told him it was a bad assembly(in the V-121 it's all together in one, compact unit), they don't do repairs, and it would have to be replaced. Is this right? Do "they" not do repairs on these assemblies? Does anyone know about this? The chair is 4 yrs. old, I'm not the original owner, and I'm told the replacement cost is $1,070. That's half the cost of this chair! By the way the code read 4401 over 99 times, which I understand is the highest number it will register, so he's sure that's the problem. Should I get a second opinion or what? I'm not real knowledgeable about power chairs. I've been wanting to get a new manual ultralight, so this really messes me up. Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Lynne

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    Try posting at: if you haven't yet. That site is to wheelchairs as this site is to SCI. Good luck getting your problem solved.

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    Thanks, Rustyjames for the reply. I registered there at WCJ and am waiting to be approved. I guess I'll just have to be patient for that! Anyone else have suggestions? Thanks again. Lynne

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    Maybe try this (if you didn't already): follow the cord from the joystick until you come to a connector and unplug it, wait about 20-30 seconds and reconnect (be very careful, it's easy to bend the pins). Sometimes this resets the system. If that doesn't work try disconnecting the battery and reconnecting. Sorry, I didn't know Wheelchair junkie started a 'screening' process. If you don't get an answer from them by tomorrow I'll post your question there. G/L

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    I'm finally approved a member at Wheelchairjunkie. Thanks again Rustyjames. I'll post there. Lynne

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    Tried unplugging the wires down-wire from controller and they wouldn't seem to come loose. They have a plastic or rubber "sleeve" covering the whole connector. Was able to disconnect the battery which didn't alter anything. No helpful response from WCJ yet. Quickie gave me names of places who repair these things. I called one who said they'd repair anything wrong for $395+ shipping. Does this sound reasonable? Anyone been down this road? Thanks Rustyjames. Others? Lynne

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    I've never had to buy a controller (knockin wood) but if I had to I think I would go for the rebuilt/repaired joystick, as long as there was some reasonable warranty with it.

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