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Thread: Usb 2.0

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    Usb 2.0

    Does anyone have the windows XP driver for USB 2.0?
    My vaio laptop has 3 USB 2.0 ports but windows recognize them as USB 1.1 and deals with them as such.

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    It could just be the device your computer is attached to, or the cables are not usb 2.0 rated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ac06
    It could just be the device your computer is attached to, or the cables are not usb 2.0 rated.
    No all devices are USB 2.0 enabled and windows give you a message when they are plugged in
    that you have plugged in a hi-speed USB device in non-hi speed USB port..

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    That would be a Sony thing. Check their site

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    I had this exact same problem with an XP desktop, this is what I had to do:

    1. Make sure you are updated with Windows Update, and disconnect all USB devices.

    2. Select start, control panel, system, hardware tab, device manager.

    3. Find the category Universal Serial Bus controllers and expand it.

    4. Right-click on each of the items underneath that category, and select 'uninstall'.

    5. Reboot. When the system comes back up it should find the 'new hardware' and re-install the drivers for it. It should find the newer USB 2.0 drivers already on your system from Windows.

    YMMV! But this is what worked for me.

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