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    Unhappy help me understand

    hi all, just want to understand something. i broke my c6-7 going down on my harley. i was left with, strong arms, good wrists, and no grip in my hands. my dead line i call it is just about 2 inches above the nipple. i now have a very small amount of grip in my right hand, left hand is still not much good for anything. if i'm understanding info i've read, all the nerves at c6-7 are working evident of my working arms, it appears that the hand function goes through c8 & t1. so that being said, i dont understand how the c6&7 area is working fine but not c8.
    i have a copy of my x-rays, im not trained to read them but, the bottom screw which is in i beleave is t1 left side is put in at a more inward angle and looks like it goes near the center of my neck. i'm wondering if they might have put the screw into a nerve of my spinal cord. wish i knew that i could scan in my x-rays to get another opinion or two. can this be done?

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    While the spinal fractures are related to the spinal cord, they don't tell you where the injury to the cord (nerves) is. Even an MRI cannot tell you the detail of which part of the cord is damaged, and even if you have root damage (which is the most common reason for one level of return in the initial injury). If you have C6 working you should also have sensation in your index finger and thumb, and in your middle finger for C7.

    The spinal root for C8 comes off the cord and passes between the C7 and T1 vertebrae, but it is entirely possible that C8 is the damaged area, which is why you have C7 function, but not C8. Remember that the injury is named for the last INTACT (working) level, not the actual level of the damage. That would explain why you don't have C8 motor or sensory function at this time. It is unlikely that your spinal stabilization is related to this unless you had C8 or T1 working prior to the surgery.

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    Thanks for the diagram. It helps me understand mine a little bit more.

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