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Thread: im starting all over again

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    good luck with the most unfortunate situation.
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    WOW! I am (we all are) very sorry to hear this.

    Blessed Be!

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    that has to be so tough. what is you and your sisters first language?


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    Is English your mother tongue? Do you live in America? You're in the hospital?

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    So sorry to hear about your accident. Hope to hear from you soon.

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    I can hardly believe this, how unlucky can one person get?

    Sending best wishes across the Atlantic.

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    sorry to hear blonco ,best wishes and be strong my friend.
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      • Translation: "As long as I breathe, I hope."

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    Holy crap. Let us know if we can help, lots of quads here.

    I had a roommate in rehab that was injured at c5-6, took about 2 years to mostly recover (still bad balance, bladder troubles etc.) 15 years later she was in a car wreck and broke her neck at c4. Lightning shouldn't strike twice, I can't blame you for asking Why me?

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    sorry blonco, i had a freind and he broke t6 in a car wreck, like betheny says lightning shouldn't strike twice, well last year lightning did srike him and that's it.. shit realy happend's.

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    thanks for all the suport im just not sher what i can do with my life now i was starting to live befor now i have no clue what i can do with a injury this bad HELP send me messeges what ever i just need help

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