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Thread: Mid Year Updates on main topics

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    Mid Year Updates on main topics

    Wise... have you ever... thought of a once or twice a year update on the main items we discuss, Pain, etc. For instance... I always wonder what our Pal's Bob Yserski and Anderson in Florida are coming up with relative to pain. Seems to me, I last talked to them about 2 years ago.. maybe longer??? What I am wondering if a update every so often wouldn't be a good idea. What have they found out since telling me there were on the verge of a few breakthroughs relative to pain issues with SCI accident? Just seems to me, they should be accomplishing something meaningful. I know the process is slow... but.. we need to hear what these guys are coming u with? What do you think? Mike (Florida)
    Mike (Florida)

    Cant we get 1 do over?

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    It is a good idea. When I started this site, I had hoped that all these people would come to this site and post. I have not spoken to Bob Yserski for a while.


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