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Thread: Spinal Cord Injury Patient Donates Life Savings to Stem Cell Researcher

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    Absolutely incredible.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Vike

    Industry contacts, friends and potential donors are gathering to hear a presentation by Hans Keirstead, co-director of the Sue and Bill Gross Stem Cell Research Center and associate professor in the Reeve-Irvine Research Center at UCI, the international hub for spinal cord injury research.
    ya, know... 1.5 million is a drop in the bucket for these people. If this is all they need? Really???

    Another paralyzed motorcycle racer, Ricky James Jr., 19, has come to hear Keirstead talk. James has $200,000 in a trust fund – money he's been saving for his first home.
    And a 19 year old kid has stepped up with a big chunk of it. My quess is they will easily raise that amount.

    Yes, rjames, you should be very proud

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    I moved this to Funding, Legislation, & Advocacy Forum. Wise.

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    To bad the guy couldn't have donated the 1M to a different organization.

    The Miami Project's international team of over 200 scientists and clinicians take innovative approaches to the challenge of spinal cord injury.

    Has anyone heard ANYTHING about the MP in years, except about fundraising? Anybody? 200 scientists and clinicians on an extended coffee break.

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    Moving this post to "funding, legislation & advocacy" is like putting it in the dungeon.


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    Quote Originally Posted by rjames
    Moving this post to "funding, legislation & advocacy" is like putting it in the dungeon.

    I agree. There is a much cynicism of the different groups claiming to be expecting a break through "in the near future."

    I left PVA in the '80's when I saw Invacare giving a $5000 donation over a 5 year period. The ad (uhm picture) was 1/3 of a page. What does an ad cost there I wonder? And notice they (PVA) have sponsorship in today's NASCAR race(car #49 ... hooray for Ken Schrader though). Who foots that bill? Does it draw any more money than the Army car draws recruits? I doubt it.

    In the '90's I discovered the Spinal Cord Society which talks a good game, but seems forever stuck on the next phase. Meanwhile ... do not ask them for a tax ID number to raise funds funneled directly to them. And the editor has vowed to do it "my way." The bashing of Christopher Reeves was enough for me to leave that newsletter.

    While I do have reservations about the Miami Project, at least it is something with name recognition. And who knows, a million monkeys with a million test tubes might be a focal point for research.

    We need a focal point.

    "Funding, legislation & advocacy" does leave little reason to invite readership after the last six years of backwards thinking in legislation and little or no funding. But your post is a bright spot in an other wise bleak forum.

    I think those desperate for the cure look in that forum first. However, I check all new posts and just ignore those with a provocative title or posters with a bias. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think the word still gets out.

    Peace be with you.

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