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Thread: Favorite bottled water?

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    Water from my well. The best tasting hydration I've ever put down my throat. I don't even like the smell of city water.

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    What's evian spelled backwards...?

    Truth be told, I wouldn't be surprised if most of it is filtered tap water or purified water from sources other than natural springs. We have a pretty good well, but we also by Wal-Mart brand bottled water to keep in the vehicle and for when on the go.

    I like to pep up the bottled waters sometimes with the individually wrapped instant flavoring for them. I find it makes it easier to push fluids that way.

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    Propel is great, but it's too sugar-y for me to treat it as "regular" water. I dig Vitamin Water as well for flavored stuff.

    Typically I drink straight from the tap (it's good around here; some places around the country have nasty tap water) or bottles of Deer Park - buy the 700ml bottles by cases of 28 @ Sams Club & it works out to be pretty inexpensive.

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    I put in a Reverse Osmosis machine that filters the tap water here at my house. The same type of thing we used in the Coast Guard when i was on a ship.

    Now it is much better than the crappy tap water we get here.
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