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Thread: FES bike for sale

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    FES bike for sale

    I have a like new StimMaster Orion FES bike for sale. Asking $6,000. If interested please let me know.

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    fes bike

    Hi there

    Can you tell me if the bike is still available? Could you take a moment to tell me about it. How ol is it? How much did you use it? Do ou have any pictures? Where are you located? Can it be shipped?



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    Hi Toothfairy, the reason I'm selling the bike is that my caregiver is not able to get me on the bike anymore. I was up to riding the bike for 45min by myself. I used the bike for about 3-4 month, 3 times a week. The bike is awesome. The bike can be shipped and is located in NC.

    I sent you pictures of the bike.

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    was that bike bought? If not I would also like pictures

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    If you send me an e-mail I will forward pics.

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