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Thread: your favorite bread

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    I make the bread myself most of the time and I use "speltmel" not wheat.

    Ryebread with goat cheese is very nice, I wondering why no foreighner like the goat cheese. But If I eat rye bread everyday I get pain in my stomach. And bread from oats is good and healty too.

    And I love cheese, "mager n√łkkelost", "norvegia", "gudbrandsdalsost", not the fancy stuff, but the usual ones.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    I love all types, but Italian kinds seem to be my favorite.

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    love italian. hate sourdough, yuck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juke_spin
    Somehow anything I make and bake myself; that comes out of my over, tastes great. Probably because I add lots of chewey, tasty stuff to the dough. It never lasts though.
    JS please share those recipes with us!!

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    Cinnamon Raisin

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattblan
    Cinnamon Raisin
    Sweet breads are a catagory of pastry. No pastrys pls..
    "The world will not perish for want of wonders but for want of wonder."

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    i remember the local cafe owner used to get kinda peeved when guys would say hey flo did you get bread today

    think she had bread confused with breeding or somthin

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    The best is homemade whole wheat. I will post my recipe later (I don't have it with me).

    I love a good quality San Francisco-style sour dough bread. Even better covered with crab meat and some cheese on top and toasted!!

    I eat a lot of rye. I like it toasted for breakfast.

    For a commercial whole wheat bread, I like the Orowheat Honey Wheatberry.


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    My list of things you need to do when you come here is growing very fast!!!

    Reading this post spured me on to go & make a loaf of bread ....& some pizza rolls
    I shall blame my rubenesque figure on CC

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    Here are the pizza rolls that I made tonight(if I'm successfull in attaching the picture)..........
    No did not work is too big ,so I'll send it to John & the bread photo as well

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