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Thread: Invacare TDX SE or SP vs Pride Mobility Q600

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    Invacare TDX SE or SP vs Pride Mobility Q600

    Hi All,
    I'm trying to get a replacement for my 6 year old, decrepit Invacare Arrow Storm wheelchair. I'm was told by my vendor Medicare would approve either the Invacare TDX SE or S'P models or the Pride Mobility Q600. Which is best re reliability? It looks like pride has a slightly better warranty but the TDX has a 6" front caster compared to the Pride's 5". I use my chair a lot outdoors and feel the 6" caster would make a big difference on curbs, etc. I can be pretty hard on my chairs, is one better than the other for outdoor use?

    Also, how do you like the mid-wheel drive compared to the rear wheel drive? Is there anything that could be done in a rear wheel chair that a mid-wheel can't do?

    Thanks for any info!

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    I'm getting my TDX on Aug. 2nd. I wanted the Q6000 but they would only pay for the 600. My vendor said they are same quality except they'll come to my home to fix the TDX, where as i'd have to ship the 600 off.

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    Talking New chair coming...

    I just heard from my chair provider and he tells me that Kaiser has just approved a chair for me (my first).

    As I'm new to this sort of thing, I have no idea what I will get. I assume I will just have to take whatever Kaiser approves.

    My chair provider is National Seating and Mobility. Is anyone familiar with them? The provider said they would order the parts today and I should have my chair within 3-6 weeks. Sounded strange that they have to order the "parts", but the rep did say all their chairs are custom made and not just off the floor. He did say he was putting in for a heavy duty one (I think he was trying to tell me something). As I'm new to this, I have to accept what they say.

    Any thoughts and/or advise?
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    I spec out a lot of TDX's and Q600's and they are very close in many respects. The TDX SP has four pole motors as standard equipment, while they are an option on the Q600. Which powerchair I recommend usually depends on what power seating functions the person needs and whether their legs will stay on a center mount footboard.

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    Hi : I have had a TDX5 for 2 1/2 years . I love the mid wheel drive my 1st chair was a Invacare Arrow Storm . Just last week I had some repairs done
    on the TDX5 & drove the Storm for a day WOW it was like trying to drive a refrigerator . Sometimes Invacare can be slow getting parts to your DME so keep your old chair for a spare . Jerry

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    Pride came out w/ a 6000z. It cost less than the 6000

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    Why are you not considering a Quickie Rhythm? They have great motors and they have Delphi electronics the same as automakers use. Just a thought. I'm in the market for the rear-wheel drive Quickie Groove. I tested on out and it's a great machine. I need true rear-wheel drive for out here in the country and this chair fit my bill... I have a friend with a Pride Q6000 and that replaced his Invacare TDX and has had nothing but trouble with the Pride even more than the Invacare. Two other friends with Invacare (Arrows & Rangers) have not fared much better.
    That is just my opinion and experience.

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    IMO, the Groove is very long in rearwheel configuration. When it comes to Quickie powerchairs, I still prefer either the S-646 or P222-SE.

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    I tested the quickie rhythm and the tdx sp, both with tilt. I chose the SP and have had it three months. It is the first mid wheel drive I have owned and it is more maneuverable in the house and the ride on city streets is a tremendous improvement over my Arrow.
    My only request would be a higher top speed.

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    Whats better, the Invacare SP or SE?

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