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Thread: A load of crap

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    A load of crap

    when I have a BM, my feces is about the size of a soda bottle (16 to 20oz. bottle not the 2 ltr bottle although it feels like the 2 ltr bottle coming out ). Also, I used to go once a day pre injury, now I go about once every 3 days, is this common with SCI ??

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    I'm impressed!

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    A BM every two or three days is common with SCI. If yours are as big as a coke bottle, you might want to start eating more whole-grain bread, brown rice and fresh fruits and vegetables, but not too many citrus fruits because they have a lot of acid.

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    Mine too! Sometimes I am amazed that it came out of me! My problem is, as a woman, prior to my injury I had what they now call IBS with constapation. I would be constipated for days, then go some dry, hard little balls, then the next day have diarhea.

    This cycle still continues. It is so annoying because for 3-5 days I'll have a small bm every evening. They are always hard balls, the largest maybe the size of a golf ball. Then BAM diarhea, which means accident, and it's always when I'm out of the house with friends!

    I take a crap load of fiber, and eat a lot of high fiber veggies and fruits. Sometime my bms are firm and hard and huge the day before I have the diarhea episode.

    This is THE WORST part of SCI, even after 10 years.

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    I take a crap load of fiber, and ...quote]

    Did you really just say that?

    Anyway... coke bottles worth a day? Thats a lot of.. well.. you know.
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    I would not worry about having a large amount of stool at one time but you shouldn't go more than 2-3days without a bowel movement. You should not have ato strain or have any discomfort.

    And yes, most SCI folks have BM's every 2 days or so.


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