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Thread: Colours Razorbalade Pics ADDED SHOX PIC

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    it polished ball barnished aluminum. no door problems.

    i went through colours and dme.

    side guards can be unbolted

    Quote Originally Posted by wheeliegirl
    Do you have trouble getting through doors with 4 degrees cambre? Nice chair. I will have to consider Colours again. Is that paint, or real chrome? Did you order directly from Colours, or through DME? Oh...are the side guards removeable? rep
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    AWESOME chair.How fast will she go in the quater mile?
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    How much does it weigh including cushion?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephen212
    How much does it weigh including cushion?
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
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    Very nice looking chair fuente! That is probably the lowest possible rear STF attainable with a 24" wheel without having a contoured camber tube to fit under your butt! With the rear axle 4" forward,I it probably needs to be. Without that low center of mass, she'd be extremely tippy.

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    Very sweet ride. Looks great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuentejps
    My TiLite ZRc (16 x 16) weighs 23.8 lbs complete with Roho Jetstream low profile back, aluminum seat pan (the combination really improves my posture), Stimulite Classic cushion, Sorano wheels (weigh 3.1 lbs/wheel w/quick release), and scissor locks. That's not a boast. For a chair this relatively stripped down, I was hoping that it would have weighed less. I'm not ready to buy a new chair but I'm hoping when the time comes to find something that's at least 5 lbs lighter. Hoping that more manufacturers start offering magnesium frames a la Lasher.

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    Alright, stick em up....and give me that chair!! LOL j/k That is an awesome lookiing chair! Ride it with pride.

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    Did you put on the Shox fuente? I knew you would like the D's Locks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by canuck
    I agree with 212, you don't need frame protectors on a ti chair, just whip out the scotch brite pad & some pledge & buff the scratches out.
    ok, did not look closely enough to see they were neoprene with zip on/off covers. I though the stock TiLite neoprene were like the neoprene that is snuggly fit over the front frame bend on the Invacare A4; it is a bolted joint, and has a neoprene wrap on it, non-removable.

    I actually do not care for the *silver* color of an unpolished titanium chair for myself. I wish I could just have it anodized satin black. I am almost tempted to just wrap my ZRA with wide hockey tape when I get it! LOL!!!

    Ah well!

    It is a beautiful chair, and I cant wait to hear how you like it!
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