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Thread: How do I avoid skin breakdown during surgery?

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    How do I avoid skin breakdown during surgery?

    I am scheduled for SP catheter surgery early next week and I am concerned about protecting my skin. I have an old scar that I take extra precautions with 24/7 to avoid breakdown. I am concerned that the required time spent lying on an operating table could do some damage.

    I have a cushion that provided some relief during my last surgery, but my skin is not as hardy now. Next week is SP surgery, so I suspect there will not be a lot of IV fluid to hydrate my skin as in my other surgeries.

    How do you protect your fragile spot(s) during surgery? All advice and suggestions will be appreciated! (No horror stories please.)

    Thank you!
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    Surgery for an SP tube is not too long (15-20min tops). Recovery shouldn't be too long either....maybe 1 hour. Then you are goog to go home. At least, that is my understanding. Not to worry, I am sure you'll do fine. Good luck.

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    Yes, it is a minor procedure. Discuss your concerns with the urologist so time on that area can be minimized during the procedure and afterwards.

    Once home, you would continue to do all the pressure-relieving manuevers you are accustomed to./


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    Thank you, AAD and Sugarcube.

    Wow, that is a short time! I forgot to mention that I also have a large bladder stone, (3/8"x5/8"), that will need to be removed. (I assumed the stone was the minor procedure.)

    Will that add much to the time?
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    Greta, the surgeon as well as the anesthesiologist should come to see you in the preoperative area before your surgery. Any concerns that you have should be brought up, especially to the anesthesiologist. If you can talk to the urologist before the surgery, and make your concerns known, he/she can make sure the OR has the proper padding, etc. assembled.

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    What has worked for me in the past is mention the need for extra padding to the surgeon so it gets put on the O.R booking form-I do the same thing with my latex sensativity. Tell the Anethesiologist when you see him for your pre-op visit. Remind the OR staff when you get to the OR. They've always padded me up before they put me under just to make sure they have all the right spots. I've had about 25 surgeries (longest about 5 hours) & never had a break down from being on the table. I've come close a few times on my heels while recovering in hospital when younger though. In that case its important to have a family member or friend checking the area's you can't see while recovering. Be firm about your needs but not demanding.

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    Yes< I agree with the gentle reminding part. Re if the stone removal will increase the time significantly, it all depends on the way they plan to remove the stone. Best is to ask the surgeon.


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    Thanks marmalady, canuck and AAD. Those are great suggestions. I will be assertive--not aggressive.
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    My son had a SP and a meatus repair at the same time.
    2 hrs in surgery, 2 hrs in recovery room. They turned him and used padding. special needs were mentioned prior to surgery and the results followed.
    If they are used to SCI patients, this is a no-brainer- just tell them it has to be done.
    Bob B
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    Agree with Bob

    I too have had many procedures, surgeries etc. I make no apologies for telling them... this is what must be done while I am in surgery.. and plan it well in advance to make sure they are more than aware, they have to protect my skin during surgeries. Its just part of the game, Good Luck.
    Mike (Florida)

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