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Thread: SCI, elementry school and the ADA

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    SCI, elementry school and the ADA

    Our first child will start school this year, the school has been very nasty about accomdating my wife and child. We wondered if there was anything in the ADA that would trickle down from my wifes protections to our child?

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    Is your child disabled? If so, they need an IEP (request this immediately). This is not covered by the ADA, but by the much older Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

    If your child is AB, and your wife has a disability, then your issues are related to public facility accessibility, which is an ADA issue. I would recommend you look at, print out, and share this letter about public school accessiblity from the DOJ which addresses many of these issues:


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    Elementry school

    No, our child is not disabled, my wfie is. We were kind of hoping we could find something in the ADA that would extend from my wife to our child. Since I work during school hours, and we have 2 younger children that don't attend school yet....we were concerned about my wife getting our child to school in time and dropping her off. I had hoped there was some requirement requiring the school to help my wife get our child into the school, etc. They have told her that even if she is a minute late, she will have to get out of the car and bring her in (in her wheelchair with 2 other yonger children) and our child will be marked as tardy. Since they don't want to be just plain courteous, we were looking for something legal.

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    My husband is disabled and this is true at our children's elementary school as well. He makes sure that he leaves early enough not to be late and can use the car drop off area for the children that are car riders. Another option is allowing your child to take the bus. Then your wife will not have to pack up her wheelchair and the other kids. I don't think it is possible for them to accomodate her for being late.

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    I agree. I doubt that you would have a "leg to stand on" for something like that. Options include:

    -leave the house earlier so you are never late. That usually means getting up earlier in the AM too.
    -car pool with other parents nearby...perhaps they could drive in the morning, and your wife in the afternoon.
    -bus (but this can be hard for a 5 or 6 year old by themselves and may not be available for your school).


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    On the rare occassion we are late to school (1 time in a year) the school has worked with me. I made the arrangement in advance. There is no parking lot, only street parking. I called an inside line from my car, notified the school of the situation and he went inside alone. There was too much ice and water for me to go in safely. The same happens if he has a doctors appt, the school will let me call his sign out and Iwait for him to exit, someone watches. This is a very small private school and they choose to work with me. FYI, I use crutches and not a chair.
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    I just saw this. I try not to be late but when we are I have called the office and told them the kids are coming in. Also the nurse has brought my daughter out to me when she was sick and had to leave early. Smaller town though. Did you get it worked out?
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