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Thread: Chairs over sliding door tracks

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    Chairs over sliding door tracks

    Does anyone know if it damages sliding door tracks to go in and out in a chair? Is there a different answer for manual vs power chairs?. My lightweight powerchair and I weigh probably 180-190 together, my manual chair and I probably 130 or140, and Dad’s afraid I’ll bend/damage the tracks.

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    They are called threshold ramps, many different types online. Here is one site.

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    My manual chair goes over them fine. I have been going over them for years and no prob. Don't know about the power chair though.

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    The tracks in my house are just fine. It is the floor around the tracks that I have damaged. The slight jossle to the tracks from my chair has damaged the ceramic tiles.

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    I have a sliding door at my house and I have been using it for 3 years haven't noticed any problems. My grandma has MS and was in a chair & my uncle a SCI and they both had sliding doors in their houses. From our experience it has never been a problem.
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    My PC with me in it weighs 530 pounds and I drive over the sliding door tracks all the time with no problem. I do have a short rubber ramp on one side though. Makes it easier to roll up to.
    My tracks stick up about 1 3/4 inches because they are screwed to the concrete floor of a garage that I remodeled into an accessible cabin.
    Try these threshold ramps, they are about $32. click scooter ramps, then click threshold ramps
    Good luck.

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    Been going in and out of a slider for over 16 years, in a manuel chair. No damage to report. My biggest fear was the tracks would puncture the tires, somehow. But that's never happened.
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    We use a threshold ramp on both sides...otherwise the EZ-Lock pin catches on the track.


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    I enter through the sliding doors everytime I enter my home. It's the only way in. We have numerous doors but non have a ramp.

    Actually, now that I think about it, it's also a fire hazard to myself. If that way was ever blocked I would have to throw myself and chair down some steps to get out.

    Anyway, I never had a problem rolling over the threshold and I'm in a manual chair and weigh about 210 with the chair weight included.

    SoFla- Your threshold is moving because the whole door frame unit is not properly anchored to the floor. I'd get some holes drilled through the aluminum and get some 3" galvanized deck screws and get it tight to the floor plate before more damge occurs.


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    Rode both manual an power chairs over the tracks at the old house for years withno problems. Even the bounder plus didn't phase them and it weighs 450lbs itself.

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