Hi, I am in need of answers. My husband has had the Morphine Pump for about 7 years. It allowed him to go back to work, which was a miracle, but he started having really weird sleep habits. He never slept for more than an hr at a time, did this weird sleep walking, fell asleep standing up...horrible falls in the middle of the night...you get the picture. So, the Dr. told us about Prialt, and 2 yrs ago we started getting the Morphine out and the Prialt in....I'm not sure what dose he is at, but it doesn't control breakthrough pain, so he is still taking oral Dilaudid at night. So...he is sleeping about 3 hrs at a time, which is better, but never in bed, and rarely on the couch. He falls asleep on the kitchen floor, the patio while smoking, going to the bathroom and he still has some nasty falls. He most recently fell and broke his nose in the middle of the night. Okay, so the sleep is better than it was, but he is always exhausted. And now we have new mysterious side effects that don't exactly coincide with those listed on the Prialt website, and the Dr. is stumped too, which really makes me nervous. About a year ago he got this horrible sore on his big toe, that still has not healed, and he has been to wound care and everything, carefully wrapping it every day before work. A couple months ago, the same type of sores began on both of his legs. They start out looking like a chichen pock or something and then errupt in a deep, puffy sore. A couple days ago, one showed up on his arm. Most recently, he has a weird large red patch on his forehead! What is going on? He also gets yeast infections in his mouth a lot. Chronic pain is bad enough, but all the weird side effects from the meds is just overwhelming! I feel like we are alone on an island with no help of rescue. Please, if you have any ideas, I would love to hear them. I am terrified of what these drugs are doing to the man I love.