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Thread: First full day back at the office.

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    I too can work from home, and still do partially. Have it worked out where I do the hours I can at work and do the rest from home. I go to work everyday, but start and end from home. I use my laptop in bed or recliner to stretchout while I work. On some baaad days, I work fully from home.
    Yeah, that's kind of how I'd like to see my situation develop. My job is pretty demanding in hours, but I don't see doing late nights in the office, too much time in the chair. Doing shorter days in the office (6-7 hours) then finishing up in the evening, I think will work best for me too.

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    Hey Zero, glad to hear you are back at work. I've been back over six months now and have had far fewer issues than I thought I would. My employer has been very good with accomadating me even though I have not asked for things to be changed. They moved things around in the mens room so I would have a sink inside the stall with the comode. This really helps with my cathing especially when I use a plastic urinal to drain into. I met with someone from Michigan Rehabilitation Services today and he was pretty impressed with what they had done for me. Good luck at work, let us know if you run into any issues.
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    Congratulations Zero!

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    Thats rocking )...Zero u r Hero

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