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Thread: First full day back at the office.

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    Smile First full day back at the office.

    Had my first full day at the office since the injury today. It was really nice to see the guys, and to work behind my old desk again (they'd already removed the keyboard tray for me, nice.) This also marks the first time I cathed in a public restroom, though it was kind of easier than most because it's a large single-person locked-door bathroom.

    I'm very lucky that I have the opportunity to work from home, which I've been doing for several months now, but I really need to get in to the office frequently, both to work face-to-face with people, and to keep myself from going totally insane. I'm also lucky my wife is willing and able to drive me to work for now, it's a long haul.

    I'm aiming for 2-3 days a week for the summer, by then hopefully I'll be starting to drive again then I can go in any day I like. That will be a big landmark!

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    Well done. It gets easier. I hated working from home, it's important to claim bits of your old life back.

    I needed the social interaction too.
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    Way to go Zero! Sounds like it was a great confidence booster.

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    Congrats Zero.. glad things are working out for you. It's always great to read things like this and hopefully newer injuries will read and give them lots of hope.

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    Hey, man very good news. I told ya it would getter better! Ya still gotta get out that axe and play. But for now....good stuff to hear.
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    Great Zero! You sound happy, I am glad for you.

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    I agree on the face-to-face interaction. I'd go crazy at home. Congratulations Zero! (okay, feel funny saying congrats zero lol)
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    Hi, zero, would you mind if I moved your post to the Work, School, Money Forum? That forum needs more posts like yours and it would serve a nucleus for more discussions about the work environment. Wise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Young
    Hi, zero, would you mind if I moved your post to the Work, School, Money Forum? That forum needs more posts like yours and it would serve a nucleus for more discussions about the work environment. Wise.
    Yes, that is a more appropriate place for this thread. Thanks.

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    Congrats Zero.

    Definitely "work" your way back into the swing of things, you don't want to overdue it and wind up back in bed. Slllooow and easy wins the day.

    I too can work from home, and still do partially. Have it worked out where I do the hours I can at work and do the rest from home. I go to work everyday, but start and end from home. I use my laptop in bed or recliner to stretchout while I work. On some baaad days, I work fully from home.

    Ya definitely need to start driving, the world awaits.

    Keep on truckin'
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