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Thread: Comfortable ride in wheelchair

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    Comfortable ride in wheelchair

    My Dad (C4 complete since Sept. '06) is finally feeling well enough for short car rides around town. While this is nice for him to get out and about, the ride is extremely bumpy and jiggles him around horribly. Could it be the tilt mechanism in his chair that causes this? If so, (or not) is there anything we can do to make it a more smooth and comfortable ride? Thanks for your input!


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    Actually, I think it's the chair itself.

    I find powerchairs are aweful for transmitting bumps and gars. I can't stand taking the short bus in my PC. My manual is way different. So much less body motion. I watch folks in PC's as we hit stuff, and can't believe the amount of side to side.

    Hmmmm, Now that i think of it, It has to be the tires, fat and low pressure.

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    What kind of a vehicle do you have? Ours is a rear-entry '98 Windstar. My wife also is in a tilting chair, and especially in the first year experienced a lot of pain when in the car; at that time she would often do a pre-emptive strike on the pain by taking her meds for breakthrough pain a half hour before getting in the car. The farther forward I can get her in the van the smoother the ride. My son & I have become callous to the drivers behind us (although we give them plenty of warning), as we slow for every bump in the road that we know is there - we're experts on our local roads now, and just ooze over railroad tracks, etc. I need to take the van in & get the shocks replaced. Power chair have little or nothing in the way of what you might call a suspension. I wouldn't be surprised but that the tilt action makes it worse. I assume that you're strapping the chair down securely.
    - Richard

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