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Thread: best core muscles to exercise?

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    best core muscles to exercise?

    I know that you should exercise any muscle that works but that is sometimes difficult. What one or set of muscles if exercised on a regular basis would strengthen / improve the core most for balance / sitting up / upperbody stability while sitting standing?

    Thank you for your help.

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    I don't know the answer to your question, but you take beautiful photos. I especially liked the humming bird ..... very pretty.

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    It's been a road for me but exercise is paying off. I'm C-5 inc with returning abs, not sure your level? Here's a few I do -

    - Sit unsupported with arms outstretched - have someone at your side hold up their hand as a target just out of reach and use your torso strength to lean out and touch it.

    - Same above exercise, but reach across your body and touch person's hand.

    - Lie back on 45 degree wedge - do opposite/straight crunches. Obviously you can't do a full crunch, lift your head and upper shoulders best you can while "squeezing" your abs.

    There are a whole bunch more, what are you doing already?

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    Thank you for the photo comments, the humming bird is also one of my faves, I was so excited I almost dropped the camera before snapping

    Thank you for your ab suggestions. I have a C level incomplete as well. My injury is many years old but I still have potential, the body is an amazing thing.

    For a hundred day stretch about 3 days a week I had a regular exercise routine that for the abs included being reclined in my chair and doing opposite and middle crunches, 3 or 4 sets of 12. After the hundred days I took a break and haven't been able to get back into my ab routine. Thankfully I have been working on my legs. But I do need a core routine.

    Thank you for your help and encouragment.

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    Bent-arm dumbbell pullover
    Bent-arm straight-bar pullover

    I wouldn't really call it a core exercise, but one that I swear by is the straight bar or dumbbell pullover, lying flat on a weight bench. You could even do them laying on the floor, or from a hospital bed, like I did once, depending on your level of injury. If you are a Para, it is a great way to indirectly work the abs, lats, shoulders, and biceps, while directly working the tris and chest. I do a modified pullover called the pullover and press.


    Grasp a dumbbell with two hands, palms flat against the inside of one of the plates. Extend both arms directly up above your face. With a slight bend in your elbows, lower the weight down and back above your head until your arms are parallel to the floor. If you have any shoulder problems, skip this exercise.

    You could even hit the gym and use the "pullover machine"

    Good luck


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    I would suggest getting an Uppertone ASAP. If your an incomplete cervical injury, it´s an absolute must if you can swing it.
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    the uppeetone looks really great, and I do need to work my arms, but can it work the core?

    What do you think about this: for strengthening?

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    the uppeetone looks really great, and I do need to work my arms, but can it work the core?

    What do you think about this: for strengthening?

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    I've been looking at one of these vests for a while It seems like it could help with core, any opinions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by abacoian
    the uppeetone looks really great, and I do need to work my arms, but can it work the core?

    What do you think about this: for strengthening?
    the uppertone is a must for any quad. rep
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