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Thread: Harrington Rods Pictures

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    Harrington Rods Pictures

    Is there anywhere I can find pictures of the screws that are used for Harrington Rod surgery? I'm working on a paper for class and need some good illustrations.

    I tried doing a google search on "Harrington Rods" images, but no success. I'm out of ideas on where else to look.


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    looking for pics of rods too

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    I have the top portion (about 3 inches) of two partial rods that were removed during another surgery. Would a picture of those help you? I don't have the connecting bolts, but it does show how the rods connect to the spine (brackets) on one end. The remaining portions of the rods are still in my back, so I can't get a picture of the that for jk

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    I used to have x-rays taken of mine when it felt so bad I was sure they were broken. They are 5/16ths coarse thread bolts. Just like a regular lag bolt, hex head and all. No wonder they hurt so dang much, lol. Maybe I should go get copies of my film. Man, they LOOK painful. Snag one of them from your parts bin or go to Homie's Depot and get one. Looked to be about 1.75 0r 1.5 inches long. They are called pedicle screws.

    best link with pics I can find
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    Ilooked up images of pedicle screws as Captain Gimp suggested and here is the link, in living color, close up view.
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    The sites were great. I used a few for my speech, and it seemed to help the students understand more in depth, what was involved in putting the spine back together, after it is damaged.


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