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Thread: Sperm bank new SCI

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    Sperm bank new SCI

    Im no expert but i know a new SCI that his mom thinks time is of the esssence to get sperm in the bank. I know sooooooooo many sci's with kids that get r done just fine. does she really need to waste 5 grand and do this? i personally think its a waste... he's C4. thx guyz

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    This is not necessary, and will be very difficult to do anyway. Vibratory stimulation is the best method of obtaining semen, and it rarely works sooner than 6 months post injury (you must be fully out of spinal shock). Storage fees are also not cheap and must be paid on an ongoing basis. There is also the risks for AD with vibratory stim. In addition, banking destroys sperm, so multiple specimens should be collected for banking, which would increase the costs significantly. Fresh semen is always preferred over frozen when doing any method of ART.

    In my experience, the best way to maintain fertility is to avoid indwelling catheters, keep in a good intermittent cath program, and treat any symptomatic UTIs or epididymitis immediately. This is supported by the research literature.

    I am also wondering if this young man wants to father children, or if this is just something that is important for his mother. When he has gotten his life together after his injury, he can also decide if he wants to have children, and if he wants to go through the effort to have genetic children, or if he wants to use other options such as donor sperm or adoption.


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    Thats exactly what I was thinking. I think his mom thinks his sperm is strong and fresh since he's newly injured. Doesn't it not make a difference if it was done now or 5 years from now? She wants to give it as a present to his wife if he was to ever get married.

    So, i can tell her there's no difference in the potency of his sperm now compared to 5 years from now then?

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