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Thread: c4/c6 inc Quad Bodybuilder

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    Senior Member mattblan's Avatar
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    This guy has abs you could run Linux on.

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    Senior Member mr_coffee's Avatar
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    hah fuck that was awesome.
    whoops censor this mofo
    C7/C8, T1 incomplete;

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattblan
    Yea, I was gonna say. That guy could break Colt Wynn in half. I bet he eats roids like jolly ranchers and packs one of these ...
    yah, hes into modern chemistry. nothing wrong w/ that. roids do a quad body good. just like milk and pussy. rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
    sponsored handcycle racer

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    Quote Originally Posted by sean9
    i actually think that is victor konovalvo. colt wynn is a younger guy who is cut too

    Ya your right my mistake here is Colt Wynn..

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    I say why work so hard to get a 6 pack when you can 12ounce curl yourself to a keger...

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    So is the guy in the original post (c4/6inc) so incomplete that he work those muscles or was he huge to begin with and somehow keeps them refined?

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