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maybe I'm a little selfish when I say this, but speaking as a complete quadriplegic I would much rather have cancer than be a quadriplegic. If you have cancer you at least have a chance of getting better. To me, being a quadriplegic is hell. It took away my high school years college years, favorite hobby, privacy, independence, self-confidence, and relationship life. Not only is it bad enough that it affects you, but it affects your whole family as well. Everyone's lives have changed. It has robbed me of everything, and left me with little.

To me quadriplegia is just a prolonged death sentence with little enjoyment. The worst part isn't for me though... it's living with the fact that my parents have had to change their lives 180° in order to care for me. I feel much worse for them than I do for myself. They take great care of me, but I wish I could give them their lives back. I wish this injury never happened. It robs me of the most important thing to me... marriage and having a family and has left me with the guilt of transforming my family's life.

I'd much rather try beating the odds of having cancer or die than live with the guilt I have of being dependent upon others, transforming their lives, and living my life out like this.
You think cancer doesn't do all that and more? SCI is horrible but having seen what cancer did to my sister in law, I wouldn't swap.