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Thread: Totalled w/c...ideas?

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    Totalled w/c...ideas?

    I was wondering if anyone else has done or knows anyone who's done anything similar to this, and if anyone has any advice.

    I was out with a friend last night. It was foggy and raining on n off so we covered my w/c with a garbage bag and put it in the back of the truck. We had my cushion up front with us. I've done this many times without incidence, but also without it being covered in a garbage bag. I think the bag trapped enough wind to lift the chair out of the bed of the truck n onto the interstate. It immediately got hit by a big truck, n then at least one other car. No one was hurt thankfully, but my w/c obviously didn't make it. With it being foggy and the larger pieces of the w/c being off of the road I told my friend not to risk trying to get any remains. I imagine I could have someone go today to try recovering some of it for proof if necessary.

    I guess my question is, is there any chance of getting another chair through insurance? I'm a veteran, and have medicare, as well as medicaid. I have a power-chair and my original rigid-framed chair which I can neither use well, nor will it fit into an avg trunk, including that of my parents' car. Does anyone have any advice or similar experiences? Thanks in advance.


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    I have yet to experience this, but I am sure I will, that's just me . You might try your or Automobile insurance. You never know, I pay $75 a year for insurance just for my chair. Good luck man...

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    No advice, just a "Sorry, man!" Tim, how DO you get yourself in these situations?


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    Funding issues are my weakest link but I will get back with you (ask the Social 'worker at work) or ask KLD.

    I am sure that there is a way you can get another one. Of course, it would require a prescription etc....proof? Probably- this is the federal government we are talking about.
    Your physician should document this in his notes to explain the reason he is requesting another one.


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    If I must I'll check into the insurance possibility Mike, n thx as I really hadn't thought of that option. I'm still hopeful it won't come to that though.

    A couple friends recovered a wheel n some of the frame this morning so I obviously have proof now, n I must say mangled only begins to describe it. Oh n teena, I'm cursed, what can I say!

    Again, any more advice would be appreciated. I'm truly wondering if I should mention having the rigid-framed chair. I know I told them of it when I got the other chair in the first place so I'm unsure as to what to do. Again thanks in advance.


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    Had a friend who went 4 wheelin. Put his racing chair in the back of his freinds truck. Chair flew out. They didn't see it and ran it over. Medical insurance wouldn't give him another but his car insurance covered it. Then his rates went up....

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    What a story....
    Besides the obvious auto insurance, if you have homeowner's or renter's insurance, try that. It covers many things in the home, but maybe not for damage.
    and Mike,
    Where does one get w/c insurance?

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    Carl, we got a 'household' insurance policy specifically for the wheelchair (Permobil), through State Farm. I think it's about $600 a year. Talk to your insurance agent; ours knew of no specific wc policies, but was able to get ours covered through 'special items' or something like that.

    It would seem that auto and/or homeowner's would cover the cost for replacement, tho.

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    Tim, I'd try your homeowner's insurance policy. You probably have a deductible of $250, $500 or $1000 though. Also, you might have had to itemize it with your insurance company beforehand as specialized medical equipment. I think that's what my homeowner's policy says. You could also contact a local TV station and perhaps they would do a story on it and you might get some donations from the local folks....after all it is the "giving season".

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    Tim, try your auto or homeowner's insurance, but if you are an eligible veteran, you are entitled to DME coverage through your local VA. You would need a prescription from a VA physician (ideally from your VA SCI Center so you get what you really need). You do not need to get the rest of your medical care at the VA to do this. Your closest SCI Center would be in Memphis I assume, your local VA should have a support clinic that is in regular communication with them. We have replaced chairs under similar circumstances a number of times (just don't make a habit of it or they will start to question it!!!).


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