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Thread: the Next Food Network Star

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    the Next Food Network Star/Top Chef/Hell's Kitchen etc.

    Anyone watch this? Your thoughts?

    Lots of drama in tonights episode. JAG had won me over so I'm disappointed that he lied about his background. I really, really like Amy, I hope she wins!
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    I like amy too. I was really surprised about Jag...such a fake. It made for good entertainment though.

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    Do you watch Top Chef or Hell's Kitchen? I haven't been able to catch the latter but I'm not feeling this seasons Top Chef crew. Don't have a favorite contestant yet.

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    If I had voted in time I would have voted for the chick from Vega, TX

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    yes, Glad amy won. Yes I watch top chef, I love that show. I haven't picked anyone yet either. It is a tough choice this seaason. I also like Iron Chef america. Have you ever seen it?

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    Oh no, Joey was sent home but Rocco DeSpirito(sp) sure is a hottie.

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    Darn, I liked Joey. Too bad. Yep, Rocco is definately HOT. I'd let him cook for me any day! My own "take home chef," that would be nice.

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    I'm all caught up on Hell's Kitchen Season 3 ... to be honest, the last two seasons were much better. They let the winner be known after taping - apparently in LasVegas - so it's disappointing to watch knowing that Rock is going to win. Bonnie is staying to challenge him and she shouldn't! Jenn should have - guess you don't know the players though if you don't watch.

    I just watched a 2hr premier of Next Food Network Star - totally interesting! Colombe should have been gone -
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