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    Thank you all for sharing. As of today, my brother says that the feeling in his left foot comes in and out!! He is being released to a progressive care unit where he will then be sent to Shepherds. Our insurance did not include a benefit allowing a lateral transfer from ICU to ICU. He seems to be in high spirits regarding his rehab and his potential recovery, but at times says he is lonely and scared. I have shared with him the many stories that I have been privileged to hear of and he is very thankful for all of you and excited about sharing his experiences once he is able to do so. Also, he has retained some muscles in his back as he is able to shift himself around in his ICU bed. I am optimistic about his potential recovery but worry about his mental state as he commences this long tough journey. I'm afraid that I will be of little help in that regard as I have never come even remotely close to enduring anything like this. I commend all of you for your hard work, strength, and determination to get where you are today and pray that my brother will continue to experience miraculous progression in his recovery, both physical and mental.

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    Hi MiracleBoo:

    I thought I would share my story with you since I was in your brother’s place just a few short months ago… On 4/6/07, I had a spinal cord stoke (a non-traumatic spinal cord injury, but the results are the same). The damage to my spinal cord was from C2-T1. I woke up after 8 days in the ICU with a feeding tube, ventilator and the ability to move only my right arm. Over the next three weeks, I could move my left arm and a couple of toes… then a knee and I got off the ventilator. I left the hospital at four weeks barley strong enough to sit up in a wheelchair and started inpatient rehab; two weeks later, I walked out with a walker and AFOs. In two more weeks, I moved to a cane with one AFO, and then just a cane and today I walk very well. No one would know the difference (but I can still tell). I still have many issues, but I am getting stronger everyday. I work out at the gym regularly, swimming, pilates, running on the elliptical (3+ miles now!) and lots of weight training to strengthen my weak muscles. My bladder started coming back at 8 weeks, but is still iffy and my bowel is weak, so I still follow a program to avoid accidents. My left hand is very weak and I cannot feel pain or hot and cold below my collar bone.

    I often felt hopeless and sad, but that should be expected with such an injury and everyone needs time to mourn their prior injury self. My Mom would tell me, “ok, cry for an hour, but when I come back we are going to do some stretches” or something like that. It helped. I hope my story brings your brother hope as the stories I read on this website did for me (I think I read every post by gvinton!). I wish your brother the best in his recovery!

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    He felt his feet this weekend and could tell the nurses which toes they were grabbing!!!!!!! What does this mean?

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    Hi Miracleboo,

    speaking from my own experience - c5/c6 incomplete with brown-sequard syndrome - two or three days post op - when I was able to move the big toe on my left foot - my doctor was grinning ear to ear and decided that it was time to get me to rehab immediately.

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