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Thread: 19yr old son C6/7 complete - Feb 07

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    19yr old son C6/7 complete - Feb 07

    Hello all. Roger...if you read this, thank you for pointing me in the direction of CareCure. Brian and my son Jason were at Shepherd together. It's tough coming home after 4+ months in rehab. Having to be up and ready by 8 AM 5 days a week is a blessing in disguise. Not easy to duplicate that at home with a teenager! Would love to talk with anyone who may have experience with a similar injury. I am a bit frustrated. We came home feeling we got the best care possible at Shepherd. It felt like home for us and we miss it. We started going to the out-patient PT facilities in the Boston area and the second facility we went to impressed us. The therapist checked things on Jason that no one at Shepherd ever checked (even though I had asked them to). She determined that his abdominals are firing all the way down and his gluts are working as well. She held his leg, bent at the knee, and asked him to both push out and then pull in and he did it. We all saw his legs moving in the direction she asked him to move. She did it over and over again just to make sure it was not his spacticity causing the movement. The therapist said "he has abdominals and gluts on both sides that can be worked". I might be crazy but what I heard was "the message is getting from his brain,past the injury, and allowing him to move his leg". Anyone have any experience with this with a "complete" injury. (I am not a believer in the "complete" thing unless the cord is severed and that is not the case). Thanks for listening. Happy Monday!

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    sounds like great news.
    oh well

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    Hi Mary9;

    My son had a similar injury 4 1/2 years ago. Yes, the complete/incomplete diagnosis can change. If his glutes are firing then no doubt he could be upgraded to an incomplete.

    Inpatient rehab prepares you for living with the injury. Post inpatient options for rehab can assist with recovery from the injury. There are definitely options for improvement, not to mention hope for future restorative therapies.

    "Hope is like a road in the country; there was never a road, but when many people walk on it, the road comes into existence." Lin Yutang

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    Hi Mary,
    I sent you a personal message. My daughter Jenn was in the Day Program with Jason. Glad to see you here! Linda

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    Hi Mary

    I glad to hear the encouraging news about Jason. Our INTERNET connection is not working at home so I'm sending this from work. Christine got home Saturday night Brian and Ann got home Sunday night using the Airtran tickets you arranged. It was a big help that you arranged the tickets because we had to change the departure a couple of times due to Brian's medical condition.
    Blue Shield changed their decision on the transportation claim and paid for the air ambulance from Phoenix to Atlanta. I think that was mainly do to the great letter that the Shepherd case worker Linda K wrote. You might want to investigate that also.

    My best wishes to you and Jason


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    Hi Mary,
    That is great news about Jason--I know what you mean about keeping them exercising--moving around to keep the muscles strong. Brian is starting out patient on Tuesday at Barrows in Phoenix. It's worth the extra drive. Are you still thinking about KK in Baltimore? I will send you an e-mail soon--Brian's friends visiting this week-end--keeping me busy.

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