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  • My SCI has had no effect on my travel habits

    22 13.75%
  • My SCI has somewhat affected my desire to travel

    21 13.13%
  • My SCI has somewhat affected my ability to travel

    37 23.13%
  • My SCI has severely limited my desire to travel

    28 17.50%
  • My SCI has severely limited my ability to travel

    44 27.50%
  • I don't travel at all since my SCI

    15 9.38%
  • I travel more than I did prior to my SCI

    21 13.13%
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Thread: I'm curious how often SCI's travel

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    I'm curious how often SCI's travel

    Until I bought my portable shower chair I really didn't travel often, and rarely for more than 3 days. How has your injury limited, if at all, your traveling habits?

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    Just took a road trip since my injury (9 months post today). It went well and learned that if I want a wheelchair accessible room, I need to make reservations. Planning another trip in Nov. and maybe Jan. No flying yet but that's okay. Didn't like it before the SCI.

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    I think I've been to more countries post-SCI. Air travel is a pain as far as small seats and pressure reliefs go and business class costs a mint. It is doable though. Cruising is a great way to go to places because you bring your hotel room with you. My problems start on the ground. Scrabbling through ruins is no longer possible without a football team to lift me around in my manual chair. Oh, the Acropolis in Athens is the rare exception! Thanks to the government of Greece for making that accessible to all of us. But the trails into mountains, down into dig sites, just doesn't work anymore. Traveling is about seeing and experiencing new things. SCI's make much of that difficult to impossible.
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    The limiting part is money, I don't mind the chair, but the coins are sparse enough to keep me home much more often. I passed up a cruise offer once with family, more so because I knew they would loose time trying to help, IF I had problems, not because of myself. I don't mind hassles/finding alternatives. I just don't want to put others to the task. I'll plug along all day long, when by myself, if need be.

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    I travel less now mainly due to money. Some of it is due to the hassle of trying to manage luggage and worrying over bathrooms. I still go but I don't get to just pick up for a weekend anymore.
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    It's a lot tougher to manage luggage and stuff travelling by plane. I prefer roadtrips a lot more now.

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    Day trips really don't bother me, it's just those long ones that kill me.
    I won't fly so, we travel by car when we do.
    I hate looking forward to long trips and it seems everytime we go on one, I'm sick for 2 days after.
    I guess because 1/2 I'm sleep deprived and 1/2 it's just a stressful pain in the ass to travel for that long.

    But I enjoy being where we go to visit. It's a good break from home.
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    My tailbone area pain will not allow me to go very far,or for any length of time. Even if I could though $$ would be a BIG difference

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    I actually really enjoy traveling. I have my 20 year hs reunion coming up and since I no longer live in the state that I graduated hs in, I get to travel to the location. This time I'm taking the train. I normally call ahead to the m/hotels to make sure they have a tub bench or showering facilities I can use. I actually ask them to go to the rooms and look at the showers and describe the equipment in there to make sure it is some thing I can use.

    Flying has been a blast. I purchase my seats in coach but 90% of the time they bump me to first class for ease of getting me on and off the plane. Once I was flying across country to Indiana from Seattle and had a stop over in Minneapolis to change flights. The plane I was on was landing late so the pilot called ahead and asked to the connection flight to wait for me. When we landed in Minneapolis, I was met with a scooter car that took me to the other flight across the airport. We were whizzing around holiday travelers going top speed honking the little horn.

    Granted all of this was before 9/11 so traveling may have change but I have found if you call ahead and have questions, most people are willing to help. I have had some really good experiences traveling and look forward to more. Now if only the finances allowed more trips.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goldnucs
    How has your injury limited, if at all, your traveling habits?
    I was only 18 when I got hurt. I have no idea how much more or less I would have traveled if I hadn't had my accident, so I wasn't quite sure how to answer the poll. I went ahead and checked the first box though. My injury hasn't affected my traveling at all. Knowing who I was before and who I am now, that answer seems most appropriate.

    With one exception. My folks offered me and my best friend a trip to Europe about a year after my accident. I turned it down because I was still learning how to manage things and was a bit nervous about the combination of disability and language barrier. That is the only time that I can think of that I have said no to something because of my disability that I would have said yes to otherwise.

    Oh, and I've been to Europe since then and it was a blast.


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