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Thread: Pros and Cons of intrathecal pain pumps... Need Advice

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    Hi Mike-
    The sleep is a big problem. He had what can best be described as "sleep confusion" where he walked around asleep and totally out of it. It was frightening. He wouldn't stay put for more than an hour at a time. It was horrible. I don't remember how long he had the pump before that started. He saw a few sleep doctors. One thought he had Sleep Apnea, another didn't. It was a mystery. This is weird too, cause he took oral morphine and he slept fine (as fine as you can with pain) way better though, and in bed too. Now, with the Prialt, he can sleep in three hour blocks, so it had to be the morphine causing the problem. He still falls asleep standing up and sleeps in weird places, like the patio, kitchen floor, just about anywhere. He falls asleep eating dinner. He takes Narcolepsy medication during the day, so that he can function at work. He never had these problems pre-pump, but he wasn't working and was somewhat rested. Anyway, what I'm getting at is, it is complicated and he still has pain, and the weird side effects that can't be cured. Obviously, the pain is better, but he will still always have pain regardless. I honestly don't mean to discourage you, and no one else seems to relate to these weird side effects, it could just affect my husband that way. Well, I hope that helps...sorry to ramble on and on....

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    That link you left does not work .
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    Quote Originally Posted by razzle51
    That link you left does not work .
    The link still works for me. Perhaps you can try again later? Either that or just do a search on Yahoo groups for that group name.

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