This might be old news to you, but it's new to me, and might be of use to you if it is new news to you as well.

So I get a call today from that 800 number that keeps appearing on my caller ID as a missed call. I'm thinking great, that really persistant telemarketer that cant figure out yet until today that maybe I wont answer the phone during the day when I'm not here. Out of curiousity I answer it to find that it is Discover Card asking about that 15 year old account that I havent used in like, 10 years. They ask what would it take for me to use it...being the smartass I am I say, 'give me money'. And they said, ok. Something about 1% back or whatever, or 3% on travel stuff. So I'm thinking, cool, send me another card as I probably tossed my card in the garbage.

Then I get to thinking, who the heck uses Discover? It's not universal like Visa. So I stumble across this site on the internet where all sorts of goodies are listed. I find out what comparible offer my main credit card issuer has and called them up and had the credit card I use converted into that kind of card, same number and everything so no hassles. 3% off food and gas, 1% off anything else, forever (non-introductory).

So if you're like me and seldom if ever use that strange green paper to get stuff, not a bad deal at all. I'd say maybe 95% of my spending goes through my credit card, so this is kinda nice for saving a bit of money, check it out!