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Thread: Lokomat/Pediatric Lokomat Locations Worldwide

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    Smile Lokomat

    Quote Originally Posted by jksleo View Post
    There is now also a Lokomat in Vancouver, BC (close to Seattle also) run by NeuroMotion Physio. (604) 833 7063. My brother just started using the Lokomat there.
    I have MS and want to use this machine. Can you tell me how much it costs?

    Many thanks,


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    About $200,000.00 for the "basic" Lokomat and it goes up as high as $380,000.00 for the pediatric version each in the USA (Reference). Do you have that type of money? This is why most people need to go to a clinic with one, or participate in a research study that uses one. They also require a high ceiling (we had to do construction in our therapy gym to raise the ceiling to fit one in).

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    My husband had a stroke in March 2010. He had a dissection of the carotid artery at only 55 yrs. old. (the neurologists & neurosurgeon believe it was caused by neck manipulation by a chiropractor 3 days earlier) and has left side paralysis. He just started the lokomat this week and LOVES it! After 15 1/2 months he said it was great to walk 'normal' again. We are also combining it with hyper baric oxygen treatment, physiotherapy, accupuncture,and massage therapy. When his arm is more mobile he will also be doing the armeo. It is very disappointing that no one told us of this type of therapy earlier. We discovered it by accident when our son drove by and saw the advertising. He looked up the website, showed me the info and I called the next day and started my husband the next week.
    We go to Theraputix in Toronto, Canada.

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    Is there a list of available locomat machines in India? My brother wants to undergo some therapy using lokomat, but we dont know of many centers having the machine there?

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    Any place has a Pediatric Lokomat in the Bay area California

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    keep (rolling) Walking

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    I don't know if this is the same one jksleo mentioned in post #22, but there is one (another one?) in Vancouver, BC at the Blusson Spinal Cord Centre.

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    I'm a C6 incomplete. I love the Lokomat, but I use it in conjunction with other therapies and have found excellent results (less spasms, increased core, improved sensation, feel better overall). I am 2 years post injury and have been attending a Toronto Clinic called Aim2Walk since January.(
    My therapy involves FES bike, Bioness, Lokomat and really cool sensory integration therapy and manual therapy. The therapists are really involved and all work together. I hope this becomes the standard of care everywhere.

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    Other trials are going on at the Shepard Center and Health South. At this time I have decided to not to proceed with the device at our facility. I can not go into more details because of a non-disclosure agreement. I feel that the REWALK will be a great supplemental mobility device in the near future.

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    Opinion of a Spinal Stroke Patient, Asia B now Walking, 3 lesions T5 to S

    I was lucky to use the National Rehab Hospital Lokomat in Dublin about 8 times. It is a very underused machine and while almost new, it rests idle much of the time.

    It is very uncomfortable to use and easy to get blisters and broken toe nails and bruises from.

    I was about 4 weeks off the zimmer frame when I used this system. I felt it would be a great device but in retrospective 12 months on, I do not believe that it held any magic solution for me. My muscles were simply to weak to perform the basic gait routine and have remained so until recently. Somehow I felt it could get me off crutches quickly and indeed I was able to walk on a perfect floor.

    However I place more faith in the humble physio therapy routines, theraband muscle building and electrostim kits to restore walking. Two friends standing/supporting beside you on a slow moving tread mill or a good floor and zimmerfram I feel are also quite effective. I am now walking several km per door outdoor with a light walking stick

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